Importance of Sankh or conch(शंख का चिकित्सीय महत्व)

शंख का चिकित्सीय महत्व
The hard outer shall of phylem mollusca or Sha10446653_554595694646292_7704657084016382819_nnkha or conch was one of 14 Gems from samuddra ,Manthan. In Vedas there are five shankh used at the time of worship/prayer ,namely Padmabhargav, Panch Janya, Dhawalya, Kmbuj and Amburaj. In Bhagwat Geeta Lord Krishna was possessing Panch Janya Shankh during Mahabharata. The Pandavas were carrying the conch ie Ydhisthir- Anant Vijay Shankha, Bhim-Pondu , Arjuna-Devdutta Shankh, Nakul- Sugesh and Shahdev-Manipushpak Shankha. The Budhism accept the power of Shankh and indicate it Asthmangal. The conch posses supernatural scientific significances with great power of balancing the ecological balances in environments . The Shankha Dhwani creates the sound waves , by which many harmful germs,insects [not visible with open eye] , destroyed immediately. The mosquito breeding also effected by conch blowing, to decrease the malaria.It force to negative energy and evils to leave the location of blowing area ,depends upon its size and qualities. The undermentioned Shankh used by Tantriks for different purposes during Yantra, Mantra and Tantra- 1-Moti Shanka 2- Heera Shankh 3- Kour Shankh 4- Ganesh Shankh 5- Goumukhi Shankh 6- Wamvarti Shankh 7- Dakshinavarti Shankh.

The conch blowing is a procedure by which , powerful cosmic waves travel in such a way to destroy the , harmful germs from environments and it is more effective at the time of sunrise. It is clear that conch blowing is not a religious symbol and it is a environments naturopathy. Daily blowing of conch is helpful for speech therapy, resparatory treatments and psychological treatments. The blowing of Shankh for different purposes, in different styles and sounds, creates the different results, mentioned in ancient Bogshadi Vidya [ scripts rearly available in Uttarakhand, in this matalistic age].It is my suggestion to matalistic age of humen society to eastablish the peace in universe by the help of spritual science, which is not yet asked and knowingly ingnored.


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