The more you sweat the more you shine

10552483_349025775246264_5312566837914353719_n. Yogis never prevent sweating. Sweating has a lot of benefits clearer skin, regulates body temperature and fights off sickness by eliminating toxins in the body.The reason manufacturers put aluminum in antiperspirants is to “dry out sweat by injecting aluminum ions in the cells that line the sweat ducts. This causes a reaction which closes the ducts” this reaction is unnatural. Be careful of marketing and what it can really do to your body. what are aluminium ions doing in your body ? The part of reality that is always unseen ! Your body is the temple of Shiva. treat it with love and respect. Visualizing love towards your body will help it bloom just like music helps flowers bloom. These are energies that impact all organic bio machines in a positive way !


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