The Spiritual Ego


spiritual ego

Be aware of “proud devotion”, I am at a higher level of consiousness than anyone else. I have more bhakti than anyone else. My guru is stronger than your guru. My religion is superior to yours.I know more than others etc. This spiritual ego is also the manifestation of the “I” ego. There are different kinds of ego some healthy some bad. some egos can create positive energy while the ones based on the “I” ego create a delusion that you are the ultimate. Things cannot move forward without you. You are so proud you cannot even bend down and touch your own toes let alone bend your knees for others. This can create lots of negative energy for you and people around you. Sit quietly and observe the nature of ego that is driving your thought. anger is a side effect of ego. ego is constant and static, anger the dynamic aspect. It comes and goes.
If your ego is healthy the side effects are healthy. Discover thy self. The constant pure blissful consciousness !


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