“shank” means happiness “ara” means the one who gives happiness. jai shankara ! It is said the internals of our abdomen is in the shape of a conch shell or shank!


Try the shankaprakshalana it is a very healing kriya. you have to ingest a lot of saline water and do some asanas to touch specific muscles in the body which will help you cleanse your colon. This is a natural way to cleanse your colon. No special chemicals or machines are necessary. If any one knows people suffering from colon cancer for years and the suffering from eating processed foods which stick in the colon distending it requiring surgery. Remember try the shankaprakshalana but only after consulting and under the supervision of a guru. feel the positive energy after the toxins are eliminated. Remember shankara means the one who gives you happiness, follow his ways the ways of the adiguru, the avadhootas who have come before us ! discover happiness


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