Control 5 Senses and observe your mind


5 Senses and their control

bhagawad gita 6:34: arjuna uvacha
The mind is erratic, disturbed, very powerful and stubborn. Oh krishna, I think that to control it is as difficult as trying to control the wind.
6:35: Shri krishna uvacha:
Oh mighty-armed one, indeed the mind is unsteady and very difficult to control. However, it is possible to control the mind by practice and detachment or vairagya, Oh son of Kuntî.
You can start observing your mind on the sadhana by first activating the muladhara chakra which is the beginning of awareness of consciousness and the workings of the mind. Unlike what modern science thinks, consciousness does not start in the brain, it starts in the muladhar. Thought precedes speech. The beginning of speech starts from an energy flow that begins in the muladhar. preceded by thought. This is the secret in tantra ! practice the muladhara bandha. Discover the light within. In hatha yoga it is called pratyahara or withdrawing into the inside shutting off the impact of 5 senses and learning how to observe your mind being controlled by the 5 senses. Like a charioteer of horses you can then begin to reduce the impact of maya on your mind and bring it under control. It takes practice. Tantra is experience


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