Turbo charged spinal column with 50,000 volts of rippling-Kundalini(state of consciousness)

Extract from Kundalini Tales “Not long after the first experience I contacted the Monroe Institute and participated in one of their weekend training sessions in Richmond, Virginia. I did not go out-of-the-body during the weekend, but back in Louisiana, the following week, I had the first and most powerful kundalini awakening of my life.

Early one morning, while doing the set of exercises I had learned the previous weekend, I moved precipitously into a staggeringly powerful state of consciousness. Because it was so much at variance with my normal frame of mind I am scarcely able to describe, even now, what it was like.


mind state

My spinal column was turbo-charged with what felt like 50,000 volts of rippling, crackling electricity that came surging up my spine with an ear-splitting roar and arced out of the top of my skull and away into a vast, indescribable something that, for want of better words, resembled an enormously huge balloon hanging over my head.

It may be that the balloon-like impression represented my limited perception of an expanded state of super-consciousness that lay just above me. Meanwhile, my heart chakra was powerfully opened and I could see all around me without any physical impediment, right through the walls, in a 360º circle. I want to emphasize that I was seeing with startling clarity– not with my physical eyes, which were closed, or with the so-called third eye in the forehead– but with my heart. ” kundalini tales by Richard Sauder


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