To be egoless does not means to be Inactive


how could society function, if thoughtlessness would be a permanent condition and in activity would prevail ? would society fall apart ?
Bhagawan: to be ego less does not mean that you become inactive. to be ego less means that the doer is no more. The observer and observed becomes one. You can see thru the fragmentation’s or layers of experience programmed in your mind.It is as simple as this.Life continues even for those who transcend the ego but their actions are no more ruled by the ‘I’.
adapted from chapter 2 verse 1 the Bhagawad Geeta by Osho
Humans have the tendency to beat their chests saying ‘I’,’I’,’I’ . This is your ego at play be aware ! This is advaitha. Aghoooraa ! Remember there is a whole universe inside you. discover thy self.


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