The eternal forces that permeates all life in the universe


Bhashma aarti

bhasmangadaraya ! vibhooti or bhasma has several symbolic meanings:

when we cover our body with vibhooti it creates an envelope to remind us of the external forces the worldly desires that wrap the self in maya, meaning worldly illusion and distractions . It also reminds us of how Shiva burned Kama (the god of desire) to ashes when Kama attempted to break Shiva’s meditation (or break his cocoon of protection against maya ! ). In the Shiva Purana Vibhuti relates to Shiva and Red tilaka to Shakti(his consort Parvati). It is a constant reminder that Shiva and Shakti form the universe and everything is a result of the union of Shiva and Parvati. The eternal forces that permeates all life in the universe, the positive and the negative. bhasma or ash is also one of the purest forms of matter on earth as fire the great purifier burns everything to dust down to its purest form ! Mahakaleshwar temple ujjain madhya pradhesh. Mahakaleshwar is the only Jyotirlinga temple,where the Bhasma Arti is performed.


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