Myself is the universe


“mannaathah shri naatho, madgurus trijagad guruhu; Mamaatmaa sarva bhutaatmaa, tasmai shri gurave namahmy guru is the lord of the universe. my guru is the guru of the three worlds. my self is the universal atman. to my guru I bow.”verse 56 guru gitaGuru gita is in the skanda purana but parts of it have also been found in ancient tantras. Adi guru dattareya is considered as the original author.Shri Guru Gita is a hymn that describes adialogue between Lord Shiva, the primordial Guru, and Goddess Parvati, his consort and disciple. In this dialogue,Lord Shiva expounds on the nature of the Guru, the power of the Guru’s grace, the importance of devotion and service to the Guru, and the ways the Guru leadsthe disciple to the knowledge of the namah shivaya !


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