Meditation slow downs time


Meditation- the key to relaxation

time is an interesting dimension. when you close your eyes and meditate for long then time slows down. Have you experienced it ? They have experimentedwith cave dwellers living in darkness for long periods of time and they do not feel time passing by ! 3 hours seems like 30 mins. Can your experience slow or shift the time dimension ? intuition is the projection of your emotions into the timedimension. you are able to see time and life as a continuous sequence of events. Meditation is one of the keys to discover this force of divinity within you. Once you discover that divinity within you will discover the key to happiness. meditating and being detached during grihastashrama is not easy. all you can do is try. meditation can be as simple as looking intently at your spouse and being present when he / she is speaking to you. Tantra is experience. A man or woman never stops growing . discover pratyahara or the process of looking inward. discover hatha yoga ! Boom shankar !


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